A dental crown and bridge is a prosthetic apparatus used to repair broken or replace missing tooth or teeth and restore chewing functions and aesthetic.

Dental Crown (Caps)

A dental crown is a restorative apparatus used to repair a tooth which is missing part or all of the chewing area. It covers the entire visible surface of an affected tooth, whether it is damaged by grinding, improper bite, age, fillings, or tooth decay. A tooth may be worn down, cracked, or broken by normal function or parafunctional habits ; a crown will be used to cover the affected areas and add strength, durability and stability to a tooth.

A crown can be made out of several different material bonded together (metal and porcelain); The metal adds strength while the porcelain mimics the surrounding teeth colors. Or the crown can be made from one material (metal, gold, porcelain, etc). Metal crowns are usually placed in the back where aesthetic is less of a concern whereas in the front of the mouth most patient prefer a porcelain crown as it may improve the smile.

Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is a restorative unit composed of fake tooth (or teeth) which is used to replace one (or several) missing tooth (teeth). It is made of crowns made of metal, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal named abutment, connected to one or several fake tooth (teeth) filling the area left by the missing tooth or teeth.

These abutments are cemented to the adjacent teeth and provide support and strength. A fixed dental bridge is by definition not removable. Just as the crown a bridge can be made out of several material bonded together or one single material.